What We’re Doing

In 2018 the Lord begin to deal with us that big changes were coming in the direction of our ministry. We begin to sense that the Lord was leading us to move from Limerick to Dublin Ireland to PLANT A NEW CHURCH in 2020.

We are so excited to begin this next phase of ministry!

Our heart isn’t simply to plant a church, but from this church to reach a nation. We’ll do that by the following

    • Raising up Irish Christian Leaders

    • Church Planting throughout Ireland

    • Evangelistic Outreaches throughout the country

Coupling these three areas, we will not only have a base to operate from, but a model for all church plants to effectively duplicate to reach Ireland with the gospel.  With England’s Brexit from the EU, Ireland will become the only English speaking nation in the EU, making this nation an important part of missions and missionaries coming into Europe like a springboard.  We see our church plant and ministry being ideally centered in Dublin to both impact this nation and mainland Europe.

The Lord gave us this motto for the new church, “Find Peace and Purpose”. The Irish have religion through the Catholic Church, but they don’t have a relationship with God. Many are frustrated with the Catholic Church and are abandoning their faith altogether. We believe we can help them Find Peace through a personal relationship with Jesus, and Find Purpose as they discover their identity in Christ and the gifts God has given them. Many of us have a love for Ireland and many of us may have Irish heritage, but not many of us realize the godless void here in Ireland. They are such a kind and charming people who know nothing of the love God has for them.

There are several phases of us planting this new church.

  • Phase One - Business Requirements - such as Incorporating the church and registering with the Irish government as a charity. Setting up the church governance as required by law, PO Box, Bank account, Website, Promotional Material etc.

  • Phase Two - Building Relationships - within the community. Promoting Launch Team Opportunity. Meeting with potential Launch Team Members.

  • Phase Three - Building a Launch Team - Discipling and Training Launch team through small groups and team meetings.

  • Phase Four - Launch - Our Official First Service


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